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TasteMatch.com lets you rate how much you have enjoyed movies, books, music or various other things in the past.   You can then ask TasteMatch for some suggestions of new things to enjoy.   TasteMatch will find other members who share your similar (or exact!) tastes, and useing their preferences, TasteMatch can confidently reccomend new things for you to try which you should almost certainly enjoy!

TasteMatch is:-

Right now, you can use TasteMatch rate movies. We are working on the ratings and suggestions engine for these other categories which will all be coming soon:-

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What TasteMatch is.
TasteMatch is a giant database of Movies, Books, Music, and so on, together with the personal "enjoyment" ratings of thousands of internet users like yourself. You give TasteMatch an idea of your "tastes" by ranking your enjoyment of things in your chosen categories. TasteMatch can then offer suggestions to you for new Movies, Books, Music, etc which you are almost certainly going to love, based on the personal favourites of other TasteMatch users who share your identical tastes!

Other things TasteMatch can do.
You can ask for unusual correlations (eg: you can ask "what's a good book to read", using your Movie ratings (i.e. what book do everyone with your taste in movies most agreee they all enjoyed)). You can match yourself and your partner to find compatible books, movies, and music etc that you're both (or all) going to enjoy!. You can look at our graphical compatibility ratings to find out how unique your tastes are compared to everyone else. We might add some fun personality tests, puzzles, or IQ tests for you to try in future too.

Why TasteMatch is so accurate.
We do not use a discrete rating scale. Users do not have to grapple with "nought to ten" or "1 thru 5" or "1 to 7" or other artificial ranking scales, which frees everyone from the inacuracies and generalisation inherant in those systems. Our ratings scale it fully relative. It remains acurate for everyone all the time. Everyones ranking scale means exactly the same thing, which leaves TasteMatch free to get on with the job of providing extremely accurate and outstanding suggestions!

How TasteMatch outperforms similar sites.
Some sites let everyone vote on how good something is, which completely ignores individuals tastes. We obviously don't do that - everyone's different!.   Other sites use scales, like 1 thru 5, to rate things. This is hard to work out for users, and different people give different rankings (eg: some people never give 5/5 because "nothing's perfect"). We don't do this, so we don't have to work with inacurate data to begin with, and we don't have to write programs to decide if "John's 3 is the same as Susan's 5". TasteMatch gives everyone the facility to easily change their minds, and anyone can rank the best movie they've ever seen at any time - even if they already have a favorite and they then watch a better one - something that happens often when users take TasteMatch suggestions seriously!

Chris Drake wrote TasteMatch because...
He watched one-too-many rubbish movies, and decided to "do something about it".

Adaptive Statistical Inference (How TasteMatch works)
TasteMatch uses an adaptive statistical inference approach to obtaining the maximum possible accuracy when looking for suggestions for you. It's algorithm is adaptive - that is - it uses your rankings together with the rankings of every other tastematch user in order to isolate other people who share your tastes. It then uses the rankings of these people who share your tastes to find things you've not yet enjoyed, and suggest them to you. It chooses the best matches from your taste group to "predict" your known tastes in movies with the highest accuracy - only then will TasteMatch embark on choosing suggestions for you. No TasteMatch algorithms are patented. The author believes these techniques are valuable computing methods and should be freely available to all who wish to build systems with them to improve everyday life. The author has published software using these and other techniques between 1982 and 1996, and as such they are all now free and in the public domain.

Helpers encouraged !!
If you would like to contribute anything to this site, please let me know!

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